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 BBC Technology News - 28-Nov-14 -------- Social media told to simplify terms - A report from the UK parliament says Facebook, Twitter and other social networking firms need to make their terms and conditions clearer.    -----     UK swells list of banned websites - The High Court bans a further 53 piracy sites, more than doubling the number that the UK's leading net providers must block.    -----     Ubisoft apologises for Assassin bugs - The head of the games studio behind Assassin's Creed Unity emails players apologising for glitches in the game and offering compensation.    -----     European MPs want Google break-up - A landmark vote at the European Parliament has called for Google's search business to be separated from its other businesses.    -----     Law ends regulator logo on devices - Electronic devices sold in the US are no longer required to display certain regulatory symbols and text, thanks to a new law.    -----     Syrian hack attack forces pop-ups - A number of websites have been compromised to display a message from a group identifying itself as the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA).    -----     Ex-GCHQ boss warns on phone biometrics - Mobile devices using biometric data should be better designed to protect security and privacy, according to the former head of GCHQ, Sir John Adye.    -----     Vinyl record sales hit 18-year high - More than one million vinyl records have been sold in the UK so far this year - the first time the milestone has been achieved since 1996.    -----     Sony to pay Vita owners after bad ad - Sony agrees to reimburse some owners of the PlayStation Vita after being accused of making false claims about its features.    -----     Museum switches on historic computer - A project to recreate one of Britain's pioneering computers reaches a key milestone at the National Museum of Computing.    -----     Candy Crush maker chairman resigns - The chairman of King Digital, the maker of the popular mobile game Candy Crush, Melvyn Morris, has resigned and is taking a break from the UK firm.    -----     Google told to expand right to forget - EU data privacy regulators say Google must apply the right to have search results removed to its .com site as well as its European versions.    -----     Kim Dotcom declares he is 'broke' - The founder of the seized file-sharing site Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, says he is out of funds after spending $10m on a legal battle.    -----     Come clean on ads, vloggers told - Video bloggers are being told they need to be completely clear about when they are being paid to promote products.    -----     Police arrest suspected film pirates - Two men suspected of releasing a pirated copy of Hollywood blockbuster The Expendables 3 are arrested.    -----     Facebook hosted Rigby murder chat - Facebook hosted a conversation by one of Fusilier Lee Rigby's killers in which he said he wanted to kill a soldier, five months before the attack, the BBC learns.    -----     Vodafone gave too much data to police - Vodafone sent the phone data of more than 1,000 News UK workers to police after being asked for the details of just one journalist, the Met Police says.    -----     Watchmakers take aim at smart copies - Leading watchmakers are fed up with websites offering their designs for smartwatch download and have begun a campaign to stop it, according to reports.    -----     Halo studio boss 'sorry' for glitches - Bonnie Ross, the head of 343 Industries the studio that made Halo, says she's sorry for the problems gamers are experiencing.    -----     Smartphone eye team in funds appeal - The team behind a portable eye examination kit that uses smartphones is crowdfunding to raise funds for its new innovation.    -----     VIDEO: TV technology for the 2020 Olympics - How Japanese broadcaster NHK is preparing for hi-tech coverage of the 2020 Olympics.    -----     VIDEO: Festival celebrates indie gaming - Marc Cieslak visits GameCity which looks to promote the cultural benefits of playing games.    -----     VIDEO: How to hack a molecular microscope - A PhD student from Brunel University London has saved himself £100,000 by 'hacking' his own kit.    -----     VIDEO: Can drones get water to stranded Joe? - In an annual challenge, teams attempt to deliver water using drones to a remote part of the Australian Outback.    -----     VIDEO: Should online surveillance be wider? - Technology companies have to do more to flag up terror threats on their websites, Prime Minister David Cameron has said.    -----     VIDEO: 'Creating Google' for Myanmar - Chief executive Rahul Batra explains his ambitions for the Burmese search engine Bindez.    -----     VIDEO: Can live events save TV ratings? - For programme makers it is becoming increasingly difficult to generate big ratings on TV but the solution may lie in live television, especially in America, as Tom Brook reports    -----     VIDEO: Max Mosley's bid to be 'forgotten' - More people across Europe are asking for links to web pages about them to be removed in a quest to be forgotten.    -----     VIDEO: New web data powers plan for police - A law forcing communications firms to pass on details that could help identify criminals using the internet is being planned by the home secretary.    -----     VIDEO: Twitter co-founder defends application - The chairman and co-founder of Twitter is in London for the global launch of his new company 'Square'.    -----     VIDEO: How to avoid out-of-battery rage - New ways to stop your smartphone running out of battery    -----     Finding long lost treasures of the deep - Finding bounty in the depths of Davy Jones's locker    -----     VIDEO: Faces transformed with digital masks - Turning faces into digital works of art    -----     VIDEO: Mobile showers for the homeless - The San Francisco bus showering the city’s needy    -----     Can internet companies monitor terrorists? - Facebook is under pressure to be more active in the battle against extremism    -----     Gordon Corera: Thwarting terror's cyber warfare - Policing the net raises free speech concerns    -----     The challenge of unmasking net users - How might the UK identify individual internet users?    -----     Hi-tech rescue for an ancient language - Can schools with iPads protect the future of a language?    -----     Tech sector leading Ukraine's revival - Ukraine's tech sector looks to the rest of Europe for a brighter future    -----     Please clamber around the exhibit - Please clamber around the exhibit    -----    
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Hytec server and network monitoring provides 24-hour server monitoring so you can be sure all servers and services are always up and running. Real-time alerts are generated when errors occur or connectivity problems are verified from two different sources.
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