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 BBC Technology News - 07-Feb-16 -------- Google AI will play live Go match - Google has announced the next challenge for its AI software - to play a live-streamed Go match against the world champion.    -----     Rise in online dating rape reports - The number of people reporting being raped by someone they met on a dating app or website has risen six-fold in five years to 184, official figures show.    -----     Unofficially fixed iPhones 'disabled' - The latest software update for iPhone 6 handsets is allegedly rendering the devices useless if it detects repairs not carried out by Apple.    -----     New homes to get superfast broadband - The government has hammered out a deal between Openreach and housing developers to ensure new homes have superfast broadband.    -----     LinkedIn shares fall 26% on profit miss - Professional social networking site LinkedIn saw its shares fall 26% after projecting a lower than expected profit for the first quarter of 2016.    -----     US Super Bowl is 'no-drone zone' - Drones have been banned from flying within 32 miles of American Football's Super Bowl, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has said.    -----     GPS error caused 'havoc' for companies - Several companies were hit by hours of system warnings after 15 GPS satellites broadcast the wrong time, according to time-monitoring company Chronos.    -----     F-35 fighter jet hampered by flaws - A list of serious flaws have been found in a jet fighter that has been in development for 15 years.    -----     Hackers targeted Alibaba accounts - Hackers tried to access over 20 million active accounts on the Taobao shopping site, Chinese state media says.    -----     Auction site eBay 'fixes' bug - EBay says it has partially fixed a vulnerability on its online auction site that could have allowed hackers to trick users into downloading malware.    -----     Winning Hyperloop design revealed - Designs for passenger pods that could travel through airless tubes have been revealed by a group of MIT engineers.    -----     Date site users regularly scammed - Research has suggested that nearly half of those using dating websites or apps have been scammed or spammed.    -----     UCI confirms 'technological fraud' - UCI president Brian Cookson confirms the first top-level case of "technological fraud" in the sport.    -----     WhatsApp: Your stories - As a billion people every month are reported to be using WhatsApp, the BBC takes a look at the stories the service has enhanced and how you use it.    -----     VIDEO: 'Megacopter' drone breaks world record - BBC Click's Nick Kwek looks at some of the best of the week's technology news    -----     VIDEO: Drone register gives 'accountability' - Click talks to the FAA about the new US register for drones    -----     VIDEO: Inventor of early TV technology recognised - Scottish inventor Alexander Bain is awarded an Emmy for services to technology and engineering, nearly 140 years after his death.    -----     VIDEO: Engineer builds 'snowball machine gun' - BBC Click's Nick Kwek looks at some of the best of the week's technology news    -----     VIDEO: Charging cable backs up your phone - A phone charging cable that backs up your data as you top up your battery is produced by a British firm.    -----     VIDEO: A millennium spent in the cloud - The visual effects supervisor behind The Walk talks about using the cloud to bring the film to life    -----     VIDEO: 'Social cinema' series debuts on Instagram - BBC Click talks to the team behind a "social cinema" film.    -----     VIDEO: App to help spot Parkinson's symptoms - Researchers in the UK hope that a phone app could help monitor the progress of patients with Parkinson's disease.    -----     VIDEO: £1m ransomware demand for council - Lincolnshire County Council's computer systems have been closed for four days after being hit by computer malware demanding a £1m ransom.    -----     VIDEO: Drone League takes to the skies - BBC Click's Marc Cieslak looks at some of the best of the week's technology news    -----     How social media is transforming the fashion industry - How social media is transforming the fashion industry    -----     Can technology help build a perfect country? - Can technology help build a perfect country?    -----     Could Vietnam become the next Silicon Valley? - Why tech entrepreneurs are choosing South East Asia over California    -----     Finding your way in a country without street addresses - Finding your way in a country without street addresses    -----     The tech giving people power to deal with disability - How tech is giving disabled people more power    -----     Toilet tech proves that where there's muck there's brass - Turning human waste into money    -----     Singalong to Siri - Maths problem inspires duets with iPhones    -----    
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We provide cost effective IT solutions and on-going support to small and medium sized businesses, predominately located in the Midlands - however as we do not have any defined local boundaries we are also proud to have successful business customers throughout the UK and Ireland including multiple blue chip companies.

We provide all the knowledge, tools and skills to ensure your business reaps the benefits and return on investment for your existing and future IT system.

We have a wide range of products & services; essentially we're so flexible in our approach we're happy to look at any IT project on a direct basis or via a preferred partner. Whatever the approach you can be rest assured we'll find you an effective guaranteed solution.

Your systems are your employees' gateway to your company data, but if not properly secured, they also give hackers access to that same crucial data. All your systems need to be protected in a way that doesn't hinder work, but still provides sufficient security.
Hytec server and network monitoring provides 24-hour server monitoring so you can be sure all servers and services are always up and running. Real-time alerts are generated when errors occur or connectivity problems are verified from two different sources.
The right consulting partner matches a communications plan to your business strategies. Then communications applications can raise productivity and customer satisfaction and spur growth and competitive position.
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