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 BBC Technology News - 20-Aug-14 -------- Hospital hack 'exploited Heartbleed' - A leading security expert alleges that hackers made use of the Heartbleed flaw to steal the personal details of 4.5 million healthcare patients.    -----     Taxi firm Uber to deliver groceries - Taxi firm Uber is trialling a same-day delivery service for more than 100 grocery goods in Washington DC.    -----     Google removes 12 BBC News links - Google has now removed a total of 12 BBC News stories from some search results in response to controversial EU "right to be forgotten" laws.    -----     HTC unveils cheaper Windows M8 phone - The handset maker HTC has unveiled a new smartphone that runs a Windows Phone operating system - the first in more than two years.    -----     Former Microsoft boss leaves firm - Former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer announces he is stepping down from the board with immediate effect.    -----     Google cars 'designed to speed' - Google's driverless cars are programmed to occasionally exceed speed limits by up to 10mph, says the project's lead engineer.    -----     Pentagon researches hi-tech tank - The research arm of the US military is looking into designs for new, hi-tech tanks, focusing less on armour and more on mobility and speed.    -----     Islamic State shifts to new platform after Twitter block - A sustained clampdown on the Twitter presence of Islamic State (IS) has forced the jihadist group to explore less well-known social media platforms.    -----     EE top in UK mobile performance - EE has again been ranked top overall in research comparing the performance of the UK's mobile networks, with Vodafone coming last.    -----     Police 'breach social media rules' - Hundreds of police officers in England and Wales have been investigated for breaching social media guidelines, an investigation reveals.    -----     Bush requests no photos at concerts - Singer Kate Bush requests fans do not take any photographs or record footage using mobile devices at her upcoming live concerts.    -----     Robot butlers dismissed as 'gimmick' - A US hotel chain has been criticised over plans to introduce robotic butlers to its workforce.    -----     US health data hack hits 4.5 million - A major US hospital group said it was the victim of a cyber-attack resulting in the theft of 4.5 million people's personal data.    -----     Facebook tags satire in news feeds - Facebook is testing a new feature that warns users of satirical content posted from sites like the Onion.    -----     Self-drive lorries 'to get UK test' - Fleets of self-driving lorries could be tested on UK roads as soon as next year, according to reports.    -----     Online music videos get age ratings - The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced a pilot scheme to put age ratings on online music videos after concerns many are too graphic.    -----     World's first 'smartphone' turns 20 - A new exhibition at London's Science Museum celebrates 20 years since the first 'smartphone', the IBM Simon, went on sale.    -----     Internet-hit near miss biker guilty - A biker who uploaded a film of a high speed ride in which he almost hit a car head-on is found guilty of dangerous driving.    -----     Camouflage sheet inspired by octopus - Basing their work on the techniques used by octopuses and cuttlefish, US engineers have produced a flexible, colour-changing material.    -----     VIDEO: 'Whizz up hills' on fast e-bike - A prototype electronic bike (e-bike) which has a battery pack integrated into the frame has been developed.    -----     VIDEO: How to become a virtual bird - Click is at London's Barbican for Digital Revolution, an immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and video games.    -----     VIDEO: New Nook e-reader due for launch - Samsung and Barnes & Noble are due to launch the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK in New York on Wednesday    -----     VIDEO: Swarming robots shuffle into shape - Engineers in the US build a self-organising swarm of tiny robots that work together to form shapes.    -----     VIDEO: Video games made for blind players - French developers have launched a "video-less" game for blind and visually-impaired players.    -----     VIDEO: The 'house of hacking horrors' - A suburban house has been transformed to help specialists find security flaws in smart devices and stop hackers taking control.    -----     VIDEO: Tech review: This week's headlines - A tube system that could help salmon migrate upstream, plus other technology news    -----     VIDEO: Out of Office reply: digital detox - BBC Newsnight's David Grossman looks at a new trend - the digital detox.    -----     VIDEO: Hotel trials 'robot butler' service - A California hotel is testing a new system for making deliveries to guests' rooms - a robot butler.    -----     VIDEO: Part of world's biggest turret sets sail - The largest piece of a structure set to become the world's biggest turret has set sail from Dubai.    -----     Can online battle with extremists be won? - James Foley's death highlights the ever-evolving battle to stop online extremists    -----     VIDEO: Hacker conference - behind the scenes - The man who can create traffic jams and other cyber-warriors    -----     The man 'behind a million babies' - The man who says he's responsible for a million kids    -----     'Video-less' 3D game made for blind players - The video-less video games    -----     Windows XP upgrade proves tricky - Upgrading Windows can be tricky and expensive    -----     How to hack the net-connected home - Why the internet of things will be a security disaster    -----     Paying for life's basics by Bitcoin - The newsagent bringing the virtual currency back to basics    -----     VIDEO: What jobs will robots take over? - What's the chance a robot will take your job?    -----    
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We provide cost effective IT solutions and on-going support to small and medium sized businesses, predominately located in the Midlands - however as we do not have any defined local boundaries we are also proud to have successful business customers throughout the UK and Ireland including multiple blue chip companies.

We provide all the knowledge, tools and skills to ensure your business reaps the benefits and return on investment for your existing and future IT system.

We have a wide range of products & services; essentially we're so flexible in our approach we're happy to look at any IT project on a direct basis or via a preferred partner. Whatever the approach you can be rest assured we'll find you an effective guaranteed solution.

Strategic outsourcing is more than just 'someone else' doing the job. Hytec works with you to examine your current business processes and build new methods that save time, money and resources.
Your systems are your employees' gateway to your company data, but if not properly secured, they also give hackers access to that same crucial data. All your systems need to be protected in a way that doesn't hinder work, but still provides sufficient security.
Hytec server and network monitoring provides 24-hour server monitoring so you can be sure all servers and services are always up and running. Real-time alerts are generated when errors occur or connectivity problems are verified from two different sources.
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