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 BBC Technology News - 28-May-15 -------- AdBlock Plus wins again in court - The makers of an advert-blocking browser plug-in defeat a second attempt to ban their product this year.    -----     New powers to monitor internet use - New laws to give police and spies greater powers to monitor internet use are in the Queen's Speech - but campaigners say it is the return of the "snooper's charter".    -----     BMX racers benefit from drone tech - Great Britain Cycling Team's BMX squad is being given access to a technology developed by defence firm BAE Systems to aid its Olympics training.    -----     Yahoo to face class action lawsuit - Yahoo will face a US class action lawsuit for allegedly accessing the content of emails sent to its mail users from non-Yahoo Mail accounts.    -----     CBS 'probably' in Apple TV deal - The chief executive of CBS says the US TV network will 'probably' sign a deal with Apple TV.    -----     Fitness tech firms in legal fight - Jawbone sues rival California fitness technology firm Fitbit, accusing it of stealing commercially sensitive data.    -----     UK ISPs to block eBook piracy sites - The UK's biggest broadband providers will shortly start blocking seven of the most popular websites used by eBook pirates.    -----     Child sex abuse loophole to be shut - The UK proposes to punish people who live-stream videos of child abuse over the internet in the same way it does those who offer pre-recorded clips.    -----     Criminals steal US tax returns - A security breach at the United States' Internal Revenue Service has allowed criminals to gain access to more than 100,000 tax returns.    -----     Periscope arrives on Android - Twitter's live video streaming app Periscope is finally launching on Google's Android platform, exactly two months after its debut in the Apple store.    -----     Hyundai offers Google Android in cars - South Korea's Hyundai becomes the first carmaker to offer Google's Android Auto system in its Sonata model.    -----     SpaceX cleared for military launches - The US Air Force clears billionaire Elon Musk's SpaceX to launch military and spy satellites.    -----     App turns your screen into Mario - Bye work - There's a new desktop app which turns any computer screen into a Mario level and it's amazing.    -----     Robots adapt to damage in seconds - Researchers develop a system that adapts to damage in less than a minute, paving the way for robots in the home.    -----     VIDEO: Be a spy master with an Apple Watch - The game where the player controls a virtual spy in real time using just their Apple Watch    -----     VIDEO: Making houses earthquake resistant - The tech to help houses stand up to a major earthquake    -----     VIDEO: App gives rewards for snapped brands - A new app offers rewards to customers who take photos of company brands inside and outside of their home.    -----     VIDEO: Could tech find your lost property? - Kate Russell tests a tracking device to see if it can find her lost property    -----     VIDEO: Turning Van Gogh into virtual reality - An American artist has turned Van Gogh's The Night Cafe into an immersive virtual reality experience.    -----     VIDEO: Can this app help teach surgeons? - The app which allows trainee surgeons to practice medical techniques    -----     VIDEO: Watch strap IDs its wearer's veins - A start-up is developing a watch strap that contains a tiny camera, which takes a photo of a users' veins from their wrist to identify them.    -----     VIDEO: Solar plane pilot: 'Weather risk too big' - The planned flight of the sun powered plane, Solar Impulse 2, has been postponed.    -----     VIDEO: Jet-powered bike tested in Wales - A jet-powered bike has been tested at Pendine Sands in Wales in preparation for a land speed world record.    -----     AUDIO: Jimmy Wales: 'I'm pathologically optimistic' - Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales tells Radio 4's Desert Island Discs he should surround himself with more pessimistic people.    -----     Android app age ratings grow up - Why Google's revamping its Android ratings    -----     The government's data law - an attack on encryption? - Prepare for another long battle over proposed data monitoring powers    -----     Jony Ive's promotion - The man behind the design ideas that made Apple the world's richest company gets a new title    -----     Will truckers lose out to software? - Is the lorry driver of the future a piece of software?    -----     The generation that tech forgot - Why tech firms can no longer ignore the over-65s    -----     Is infidelity a billion-dollar business? - Is infidelity a billion-dollar business?    -----    
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We provide cost effective IT solutions and on-going support to small and medium sized businesses, predominately located in the Midlands - however as we do not have any defined local boundaries we are also proud to have successful business customers throughout the UK and Ireland including multiple blue chip companies.

We provide all the knowledge, tools and skills to ensure your business reaps the benefits and return on investment for your existing and future IT system.

We have a wide range of products & services; essentially we're so flexible in our approach we're happy to look at any IT project on a direct basis or via a preferred partner. Whatever the approach you can be rest assured we'll find you an effective guaranteed solution.

Your systems are your employees' gateway to your company data, but if not properly secured, they also give hackers access to that same crucial data. All your systems need to be protected in a way that doesn't hinder work, but still provides sufficient security.
Strategic outsourcing is more than just 'someone else' doing the job. Hytec works with you to examine your current business processes and build new methods that save time, money and resources.
The right consulting partner matches a communications plan to your business strategies. Then communications applications can raise productivity and customer satisfaction and spur growth and competitive position.
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