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 BBC Technology News - 25-Nov-15 -------- Apple buys Star Wars animation company - Apple purchases the company behind motion-capture technology used in the latest Star Wars film.    -----     Dell faces fresh security questions - Dell admits to a second security problem that researchers say could expose users' data to hackers    -----     Nest Cam camera is 'always on' - Researchers have discovered the camera in the Nest Cam security device is always operating - even when turned off by the user.    -----     FBI seeks hacker after logins stolen - The FBI has linked a hacker to the theft of 1.2 billion internet credentials - the largest heist of its kind.    -----     Shark drones to patrol Australian coast - Drones and "smart" drum lines will be deployed to protect swimmers on New South Wales' north coast from shark attacks, the state government says.    -----     Bezos claims successful space flight - The Amazon.com entrepreneur Jeff Bezos flies his New Shepard spaceship again, and this time proclaims a complete success.    -----     Man, 18, bailed over TalkTalk hack - An 18-year-old who became the fifth person to be arrested in connection with an alleged data theft from TalkTalk last month is released on bail.    -----     Dell admits computer security flaw - Dell acknowledges it unintentionally installed software on its computers that produced a security vulnerability.    -----     Global tech giants back encryption - Encryption is essential to "safety and security", say technology industry giants.    -----     3D printing aids life-saving surgery - A 3D-printed model of the blood vessels inside a woman's brain has helped surgeons practise life-saving surgery.    -----     Hackers 'could make Trident obsolete' - The Trident nuclear weapons system could be rendered obsolete by cyber attacks unless weak spots are protected, former Defence Secretary Des Browne warns.    -----     Facebook privacy judgement delayed - A judgement which ordered Facebook to remove cookies in Belgium or face fines is held up while court documents are translated.    -----     Phuc Dat Bich name battle 'was a hoax' - An Australian man who made headlines after saying Facebook told him to take down his profile admits he hoaxed the media.    -----     COP21: Malawi's battle to hold on to forests - How Malawi is tackling climate change with the help of a wood-fired cookstove that generates electricity.    -----     VIDEO: Taking a ride in a drone-like submarine - The personal submarine which does not need a professional pilot to operate it    -----     VIDEO: Robot aims to reduce delivery costs - Self-driving robot Starship is designed to make deliveries autonomously    -----     VIDEO: Rolling CCTV camera can monitor homes - A surveillance camera that can roll around your home is unveiled at a technology show in the US.    -----     VIDEO: Conservation's 'gadget man' - Meet the RSPB's 'gadget man' who builds devices to help conservation scientists gather data.    -----     VIDEO: Drones offer cheap mapping - Drones could provide a cheaper alternative to mapping large areas of land    -----     VIDEO: Riding a skateboard in virtual reality - Testing the vibrating, virtual reality skateboard simulator    -----     VIDEO: How VW can cheat European tests too - Panorama shows in graphic detail how Volkswagen cheats European tests.    -----     VIDEO: Handbag tells you not to spend money - Students in Dundee design a handbag that tells you not to spend money when a bank card is removed from an inside pocket.    -----     VIDEO: 3D printer uses clay to change shape - Researchers at Lancaster University claim to have created a new form of 3D printing    -----     VIDEO: 'Cat ear' headphone speakers crowdfunded - BBC Click's LJ Rich looks at some of the best of the week's technology news    -----     China robot event pulls Beijing crowds - Beijing plays host to the World Robot Conference    -----     The doctor will text you now - How phone apps could change the way we consult doctors    -----     Taming your kids' computer habits - The difficulties of taming children's computer habits    -----     How data is shining a light on global property markets - How data is shining a light on global property markets    -----     'Spying' on Islamic State instead of hacking them - Meet the splinter group of online vigilantes targeting Islamic State    -----     The computer that knows you are sad - MIT and others are working on giving machines emotional intelligence.    -----    
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Welcome to Hytec Solutions

We provide cost effective IT solutions and on-going support to small and medium sized businesses, predominately located in the Midlands - however as we do not have any defined local boundaries we are also proud to have successful business customers throughout the UK and Ireland including multiple blue chip companies.

We provide all the knowledge, tools and skills to ensure your business reaps the benefits and return on investment for your existing and future IT system.

We have a wide range of products & services; essentially we're so flexible in our approach we're happy to look at any IT project on a direct basis or via a preferred partner. Whatever the approach you can be rest assured we'll find you an effective guaranteed solution.

The right consulting partner matches a communications plan to your business strategies. Then communications applications can raise productivity and customer satisfaction and spur growth and competitive position.
Your systems are your employees' gateway to your company data, but if not properly secured, they also give hackers access to that same crucial data. All your systems need to be protected in a way that doesn't hinder work, but still provides sufficient security.
Hytec server and network monitoring provides 24-hour server monitoring so you can be sure all servers and services are always up and running. Real-time alerts are generated when errors occur or connectivity problems are verified from two different sources.
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