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 BBC Technology News - 22-Oct-14 -------- Microsoft to phase out Nokia name - Microsoft is ditching the Nokia brand name from new devices, less than a year after acquiring the Finnish mobile firm.    -----     Nasa shares free sounds from space - The US space agency uploads a free library of audio files, including astronaut voices.    -----     Concern raised over UK use of drones - The use of drones in the UK will rise over the next 20 years, raising "significant safety, security, and privacy concerns", a report says.    -----     Would you 'beg' to pay for Tinder? - Tinder's founder says people using the app will want new unnamed features so badly that they'll be happy to pay for them.    -----     Audi claims self-drive speed record - Audi says one of its self-drive test cars topped 149mph (240km/h) at a race track in Germany, beating a human-driven version.    -----     Yahoo profits surge on Alibaba sale - Technology giant Yahoo reports profits of $6.8bn for the third-quarter, buoyed mostly by earnings from the firm's stake in Chinese firm Alibaba.    -----     Students build Oculus Moon robot - US team develop a robot that can send back live pictures from the Moon as part of attempt to win Google's Lunar X-Prize.    -----     Man guilty of fake-girl webcam sex - An Australian man is convicted of performing a sex act in front of a webcam "watched by" a computer-generated child he believed was real.    -----     Staples investigating hack attack - Staples becomes latest US retailer to investigate data thefts, leading the US government to call for a swift move to chip-and-pin.    -----     China denies backing iCloud hack - The Chinese government has denied reports that it was involved in an attempt to steal user data from iCloud accounts.    -----     UK spy drones to fly over Syria - The UK will fly unmanned drones over Syria in the battle against Islamic State militants, the government says.    -----     Google changes 'to fight piracy' - Google announces changes to its search engine in an attempt to curb online piracy.    -----     Anonymising router project shut down - A plan to raise cash to make a router that hides what people do online has been suspended after questions were raised about the project.    -----     Apple's iPhone sales boost earnings - Apple reports fourth-quarter earnings of $8.47bn (£5.24bn), beating analysts' expectations, helped by sales of its new iPhone models.    -----     Peers back revenge porn 'offence' - The House of Lords agrees unanimously to make "revenge porn" a criminal offence in England and Wales.    -----     Some paedophiles 'won't be charged' - Some of the UK's estimated 50,000 paedophiles with images of child abuse will escape prosecution, the head of the National Crime Agency says.    -----     IBM pays $1.5bn to offload chip unit - IBM is paying $1.5bn to offload its loss-making chip manufacturing division to Abu Dhabi owned GlobalFoundries as it announces a 17% profits fall.    -----     Minecraft city built in two years - A student from Delaware has spent two years constructing Titan City from 4.5 million Minecraft building blocks.    -----     Tractor beam breaks distance record - Scientists have turned a laser into a reversible "tractor beam" that can repel or attract objects.    -----     VIDEO: Playing music with your brain - Could technology turn you into a musical virtuoso? LJ Rich looks at new ways to make music.    -----     VIDEO: App helps you wake up with a stranger - The app that turns a global network of strangers into your alarm clock, with a dating twist.    -----     VIDEO: New smart glasses 'look to rival Google' - BBC Click's Marc Cieslak looks at the smart glasses on show at the annual Ceatec electronics exhibition in Japan.    -----     VIDEO: Man guilty of fake-girl webcam sex - An Australian man is convicted of performing a sex act in front of a webcam "watched by" a computer-generated child he believed was real.    -----     VIDEO: Chloe Jasmine: Trolls should get a job - Chloe Jasmine has told Newsbeat she was "gloriously unprepared" for the abuse and death threats she would receive while on the X Factor.    -----     VIDEO: Bringing internet to India's poorest - More than a billion Indians don't use the internet - and addressing that was the focus of a summit in Delhi where Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg was the star attraction.    -----     VIDEO: Take a look at the Dr Who video game - The BBC has produced a computer game called 'The Doctor and the Dalek', as part of the Make it Digital initiative to get more young people into computer coding.    -----     VIDEO: Big league for gamers in Seoul - Tens of thousands of fans turn out to watch competitors play each other at the League of Legends World Championship in Seoul, South Korea.    -----     VIDEO: Tech review: This week's headlines - A French bank allows its customers to pay people via tweets, plus other technology news    -----     VIDEO: Will thumbprint tech mean end of PIN? - Credit and debit cards with thumb print sensors built in could one day do away with the need to use codes, PINs and passwords.    -----     Tablet tennis a game-changer for WTA - The women's game looks set to change forever    -----     VIDEO: Creating a $110 earthquake detector - Creating an earthquake detector out of everyday household parts    -----     Will we podcast in virtual reality? - Will virtual reality take podcasting into a new era?    -----     Spy chief's parting warning on online privacy - Spy chief's parting warning on online privacy    -----     Can data predict the perfect entrepreneur? - Why being over 40 makes you the perfect entrepreneur    -----     Connecting India's offline millions - Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring the internet to the country's masses    -----    
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We provide cost effective IT solutions and on-going support to small and medium sized businesses, predominately located in the Midlands - however as we do not have any defined local boundaries we are also proud to have successful business customers throughout the UK and Ireland including multiple blue chip companies.

We provide all the knowledge, tools and skills to ensure your business reaps the benefits and return on investment for your existing and future IT system.

We have a wide range of products & services; essentially we're so flexible in our approach we're happy to look at any IT project on a direct basis or via a preferred partner. Whatever the approach you can be rest assured we'll find you an effective guaranteed solution.

Adopting flexible working practices is easier than you might think. The basic requirements are relatively few and there are a number of products and solutions on the market to help you, whether you're simply looking for mobile devices or taking mobility to the next level.
Strategic outsourcing is more than just 'someone else' doing the job. Hytec works with you to examine your current business processes and build new methods that save time, money and resources.
Your systems are your employees' gateway to your company data, but if not properly secured, they also give hackers access to that same crucial data. All your systems need to be protected in a way that doesn't hinder work, but still provides sufficient security.
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